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Cook up some fun with the kids this summer

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As we approach the half way point of the school summer holidays, little voices complaining of boredom are likely to be heard soon.  One solution is to get your children in the kitchen. Cooking is the perfect activity for a rainy day and if you train your mini chefs well, it could mean the night off for you.


An afternoon of baking or rustling up a speedy supper together will help them see that time spent in the kitchen doesn't have to be a chore.  For once you can encourage them to play with their food and allow them to cultivate their creativity in the process.

If you've got a reluctant young chef or a picky eater on your hands, the promise of the role of "chief taster" should be enough to keep them in the kitchen for at least a little while. And once they've been part of the process, they'll be more likely to try something new.  Even the tiniest of tots can play a role, whether it's kneading the dough or taking full charge of the sprinkles.Choose quick, simple recipes that will appeal to them so that they don't lose interest before it's time to wash up.      

Try our child-friendly recipes – not a chicken nugget in sight!  

Help your children to that all-important five-a-day the creative way by making vegetable smiley faces.

Tomato meatball wraps will become a family favourite in no time and they'll love moulding the balls.

With plenty of mixing and dough involved, chocolate chunk and raspberry cookies will keep them interested in the entire process.

Malteser topped cupcakes not only look great but are fun to make and decorate too.

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