Even more reason to eat cheese, and make it British


If you consider cheese as one of your weak spots, here's why. Cheese makes you happy.

It contains an amino acid that makes us feel content, and the fat it includes makes our brains produce extra dopamine, which is what makes us happy.

And now cheese-loving Brits have even more reason to celebrate one of our greatest exports with British Cheese Week from September 22-30. 




Although we're spoilt for choice when it comes to buying delicious, locally produced cheeses, a quick look inside most British household fridges will reveal a vast range of foreign cheeses. 

But with more than 700 cheeses made in the UK you can easily find the local substitutes full of flavour, that support the local dairy industry, too.

And for an added perk, they may even be lower in fat and salt.  

Keep your cheese local 

* Swap Feta for Crumbly Cheshire

Cheshire cheese is crumbly, mild, and young, with a tanginess that complements fresh salads and balances the intense sweetness of roasted tomatoes and peppers. As an added bonus, it has up to 50% less salt than Feta.

* Ditch Parmesan for Sussex Charmer

Sussex Charmer is made using a recipe that combines parmesan and cheddar flavours. It's a hard-pressed cheese matured for up to a year with the flavour profile matching perfectly the hybrid claim. Use it as you would Italian parmesan or enjoy it as part of a cheese board for an unusual twist on British cheddar.

* Replace Roquefort for Stilton

Stilton is a great Roquefort alternative with typically 40% less salt than its French counterpart. Many may not be aware of the full range of Stiltons available and how much the flavour profile varies depending on age. Stilton is versatile in sauces, salads and on the cheeseboard.

* Trade Edam for Mild Cheddar

A young British cheddar is a great alternative to the Dutch hard cheese, Edam. It has the same gentle flavour and perfect slicing qualities making it perfect for sandwiches. As well as having up to 30% less salt than Edam, mild Cheddar also boasts a better texture for melting on toast or in sauces. Try it with fruit such as pears or apples for a savoury desert or snack.

Try these British cheese recipes:

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Superfood Cheshire Salad

 Visit www.britishcheese.com for more information, a taste map and recipe ideas.