Something for the weekend: Brunch Recipes

After a busy week, there's no better way to start the weekend than with a long, lazy brunch.

It's the ideal opportunity to catch up with family on the week's events, or with friends on gossip from the night before – so it's only fitting that brunch should be a substantial meal, enjoyed at a leisurely pace.



This brilliant blend of breakfast and lunch emerged as a concept in late-Victorian times after appearing in Hunter's Weekly in 1895. 

Brunch-visionary, Guy Beringer, wrote in his article, "Brunch: A Plea", boldly claiming that brunching would "promote human happiness".

Over a century later, we can't help thinking he had a point.

At the weekend, a bowl of cornflakes or a slice of toast simply won't cut it. And as the traditional full English is far from being a figure-friendly option, why not try something a little different this weekend?

Pull out the stops – squeeze some oranges and grapefruits, fill the house with rich coffee aromas, put on some chilled-out tunes, pore over the papers and indulge in a little extra time to relax, chat and feast.

Try these easy brunch recipes:

Goat's Cheese and Cumbrian Ham Florentine on toast

Drop Scones with Smoked Bacon and Honey Drizzle

Scrambled Omelette with Cherry Tomatoes

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's Kedgeree

Blueberry and Marmalade Pancakes