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Mushroom recipes: Make your cooking seasonal

Mushroom recipes: Make your cooking seasonal

Mushrooms are in season. And they are the perfect meat-free addition to any meal, as well as adding depth to dishes without the high calories of a steak.Packed full of potassium and vitamins B and D, these fungis will perk up your immune system and energy levels as we head for the winter months. In fact, just one portobello mushroom has more potassium than a banana!



Low in sodium, with no fat or cholesterol content, mushrooms add plenty of flavour, without the downside. So turn these multi-purpose vegetables into great-tasting dishes. Try roasting, followed by a drizzle of olive oil, or bake inside a crispy pastry case.

For the most delicious flavours mix together shiitakes, oysters, chestnuts, and dried porcini. And remember to keep the stock of any dried mushrooms to add later to risotto or soups for extra depth and flavour.Why not take inspiration from our simple fungi-filled recipes:

Wild mushroom autumnal risotto

Pea and cream cheese stuffed mushrooms

No-dish mushroom pie

Pork and mushroom casserole

With 3,000 species of edible fungi, there's plenty to pick from.

Although supermarkets tend to only sell the most popular varieties, rare species can be sourced on supervised foraging trips. These provide the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge on the hugely diverse and fascinating world of wild mushrooms, whilst enjoying all the free tasters nature has to offer.To keep mushrooms fresh, store them in a paper bag in the refrigerator. But avoid airtight containers because these collect moisture which will cause the skin of the mushrooms to soften, leading them to spoil faster.

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