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Warm and delicious: Stir your way to the perfect porridge

berry blast oatmeal

It is an ancient mother food traditionally associated with Scotland, horses and thrifty winter breakfasts but porridge has made a big comeback in recent years and is a super way to start your day. Sales are soaring, our supermarkets aisles are dedicating more space to different brands and blends and grabbing a porridge on-the-go is becoming an increasingly popular option.



And it's not just their tummy-warming, penny-saving properties that have made humble oats such a star at the breakfast table. They are high in fibre, which does wonders for digestion, proven to reduce cholesterol and are one of the best balanced grains in terms of nutrition, striking an equilibrium of carbohydrates, protein and fat. But the porridge that most people eat these days, made using ‘quick’ flaked oats, was originally reserved for cattle and horses. Oatmeal is in fact the original porridge. It is the oat groat, cut in varying sizes, best made with just water and a sprinkling of sea salt. Both oatmeal and flaked oats are enjoying a popularity surge as more and more people are moving back to traditional methods and ditching the microwave for the old fashioned pan, stove and wooden spoon method. Do not be fooled into thinking that beginning your day with a bowl of oats means an extra early start. By soaking your oatmeal the night before you reduce the cooking time by half and it goes from pot to bowl within three minutes. And quick oats live up to their name and are cooked in just five minutes.


And the possibility for toppings is endless – oats are the perfect vehicle for both sweet and savoury accompaniments. HELLO! Online spoke to Nick Barnard, oat connoisseur and cofounder of Rude Health, a London-based natural food company, about the benefits of porridge. He said: "It's sustaining and provides slow release energy which reduces the urge to snack and keeps your sugar levels steady. "Making porridge is a life balancer. You'll appreciate making something so conveniently but also making it for yourself. It causes you to slow down a bit." Nick shared his expertise and gave us his tips for the perfect porridge. "Give yourself more time in the morning by soaking oatmeal the night before – it gives off a lovely, welcoming creamy aroma in the kitchen in the morning. "Use a really fine, good quality sea salt. Rock salt is too grainy so use a finer flake sea salt that dissolves quickly. "Be careful to add salt and water gradually as you go and keep tasting it."Follow Nick's guide for the perfect oatmeal or enjoy an extra special start to the day with one of these warming porridge recipes:

Team GB Bacon, Cheese and Apple Syrup Porridge

Melting Chocolate Teacup of Salty Caramel Porridge

Berry Blast

Heart Warming Honey and Banana

Top of the toppings * Make Scots proud by serving it the traditional way with a bowl of double cream on the side. The contrast of hot and cold is a satisfying sensation * Sliced banana and maple syrup is a popular combination* Honey makes for a sweet addition * Fresh berries, when in season, give porridge a fruity twist

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