Celebrate British Sausage Week with a banger!


Present in cultures around the world, sausages can combine wonderful herbs and spices, flavourful meats, vegetables, fruits, and grains in a natural casing.

But with 2012 as a year full of national pride, what better way to celebrate British Sausage Week than by Standing up for British Bangers to mark the event's 15th year anniversary.

It's the nation's favourite meaty dinner, outselling chicken or minced beef and accounting by a staggering 864 million meals every year. And to uphold the farmers who produce them simply look out for the Red Tractor logo in supermarkets to ensure your products are to the best possible British standard.




With no end to their versatility, sausages can be poached, boiled, steamed, baked, fried, roasted or grilled. 

Perfect for a party, a picnic or a festive celebration there's something rather humble about these plump little packages. And to celebrate the team behind British Sausage Week have come up with a new twist on some national favourites

One of our most comforting national dishes, this year’s bangers and mash recipe is a Sausage Mash-up. With juicy pork and apple bangers, parsnips, leeks and a sprinkling of scrumptious cheddar on top, it’s sure to have the whole family begging for seconds!

But nothing is better on a chilly autumnal night than a Hearty Sausage One Pot. A classic British stew with all the trimmings this dish is the ultimate flavour-filled feast with lentils, shredded red cabbage and finished off with a splash of red wine .

The quirkily named ‘Bubble and Squeak’ gets a breakfast twist with the addition of quality pork. Sausage Brunch Squeak, is perfect for those lazy Sunday mornings. With sautéed potatoes, chestnut mushrooms and delicious black pudding is bound to set those tongues wagging at breakfast tables across the nation.

And  for those who are young at heart there’s always Sausage Roly Poly, which combines spicy chilli sausage meat together with garlic, onions and tomatoes in a roulande-like roll to create a satisfying and fun dish perfect for family gatherings this autumn.

Sausage Roly Poly

Sunday Sausage Brunch

Sausage Mash-Up

Hearty Sausage One-Pot