Get tash-tastic with manly recipes from Movember's culinary club

The month of November has more recently become known as Movember, thanks to the sprouting of fully-grown moustaches on thousands of men's faces in the UK, and around the world, to raise vital funds and awareness for men's health.

Participants, known as Mo Bros, are at the forefront of the campaign: real men, growing real moustaches and talking about real issues, and this year they have gathered around the stove to cook up some tasty manly meals.




The charity was established in Australia in 2003 by a group of 30 friends and their goal was simple – to create a campaign promoting the growth of the moustache among like-minded people and have fun along the way. A huge part of this was cooking with the Movember Supper Lip Club Blog covering all foodie goings on during the month each year.

The charity now spans the globe, with campaigns in 21 countries. And, to celebrate, they have have released a 'Bring It On Home’ cookbook which they will send out for free in exchange simply for follower's dinner party tales, kitchen disasters and some photos of your culinary success.

The brainy idea behind the books was created as a way of getting men to learn how to cook properly and to eat well. Now the third cookbook in the series, Movember have refined their foods to bring together a collection of hearty, organic and tantalisingly tasty recipes that you won't be able to refuse. 


Lamb Bread and Beef BourguignonVIEW GALLERY

Over 15 professional Mo Bro chefs have been invited to work alongside Movember contributing their delicious recipes and collective kitchen wisdom for your gastronomic gratification.

They are a diverse bunch, including game experts from ‘The Wild Game Co’ whose speciality incudes a gorgeous Warm WIld Pigeon Salad finished off with crispy chorizo and sweet, caramalised onion. Working alongside the team are also supper club pioneer Simon ‘Ferdie’ Fernandez and Spanish chef Ivan Varian whose refreshing Lemon Posset Brulee adds a zesty twist to the traditional dessert.

Ideas for Mo Bro dinner parties:

Use your evening as a fundraiser and get all your guests to make a donation to your MoSpace to rate the dinner afterwards

Throw a midmonth dinner party with recipes from the book and invite your top donors to impress them with your cookery know-how

OR just get your mates together, sit down, eat, catch up and enjoy!


Warm Pigeon Salad and Lemon Posset BruleeVIEW GALLERY

Why not try some of Movember's favourite dinner party recipes for yourself:

Warm Pigeon Breast Salad with Caramalised Apple, Crispy Chorizo and Balsamic Syrup

Roast Loin of Lamb baked in Bread

Beef Bourguignon with Potato and Parsnip Mash

Lemon Posset Brulee

To get involved email to request a free cookbook and then send images of your debaucherous dinner party tales to their facebook. Mo Bros who serve up the most tasty dinner party will be treated to an evening of food and revelry at the Mo Hub The Endurance with The Wild Game Co at the end of month.