Top of the crops: vegetables to watch in 2013

Sellers at New Covent Garden Market in South London predict that British produce will be big this year – consumers are seeking out seasonal, local produce and value has become a top concern.

As well as being a cheaper and environmentally-friendly option, seasonal vegetables also tend to suit the mood. Roasted root vegetables lend themselves to hearty wintry suppers while crisp salads are best served during the warmer months.



Old favourites such as radishes will enjoy a comeback while more exotic-sounding vegetables like Cavolo Nero – an Italian cabbage with dark green leaves from the same family as kale – will grow in popularity.

Kohlrabi is another that will be making its mark for the first time. The German name translates as 'cabbage turnip' which might make it sound unpalatable but it is light, crispy and far milder than either a cabbage or a turnip.

With food trends predicted such as posh burgers, luxury hotdogs and bespoke donuts, vegetables will be a much-needed antidote to these indulgent foodie fashions.

Our pick of the crops for this year are bursting with goodness: fibre, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals come as standard.  

We should also embrace wonky veg – although seemingly ugly, these can sometimes be the tastiest.

And with recent reports revealing the alarming amount of food waste that the UK produces – along with increasingly difficult farming seasons – we should pick up more of the wonky veg so that it doesn't go to waste.