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Flipping perfect pancakes from cooking guru Martha Stewart

martha stewart

Get Shrove Tuesday off to a flying start with perfect pancake recipes from America's famous media mogul Martha Stewart.The legendary lifestyle guru – who has published everything from cookbooks to wedding planning guides – is known for her expertise in the kitchen, as well as her skills with crafts and entertainment. She even helped plan gorgeous Gossip Girl star Blake Lively's intimate wedding to her movie star beau Ryan Reynolds last September.So take a leaf out of her cookbook and get flipping classic American-style Apple-Buttermilk Pancakes on Tuesday. 

martha stewart pancake day

Martha Stewart's Apple-Buttermilk Pancakes

Falling on February 12 this year, Shrove Tuesday is the day of clearing your cupboards of goods such as sugar, fats and eggs before the fasting period of Lent begins.For perfect pancakes Martha suggests not to overmix the batter; small lumps are fine. And when you're ready to cook your pancakes, test the frying pan with drops of water; they should "dance" on the surface when it's ready.Martha's marvellous pancakes are great with syrup, sliced bananas, a smear of almond butter, or a dollop of part-skim ricotta. Or try one of these deliciously sweet pancake recipes... 

Blueberry and marmalade pancakes 

pancake day


Spelt and buttermilk baby pancakes with poached dried fruits, Greek yogurt and honey 



Lemon syrup pancake stack

This tasty recipe originates from a New York street stall – sweet golden syrup gives it added appeal 


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