Taste stardom with celebrity wines and spirits


Power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, heart-throb George Clooney and Hollywood sweetheart Drew Barrymore have more than the big screen in common. The filmstars have all spread their wings into another realm, producing their very own wine and spirit labels.

Legendary director Frances Ford Coppola sparked the trend back in 1975 when he was the first big show business name to get into winemaking by buying his first vineyard. Since then a host of famous names have taken up an interest in the wine and spirit arena, as well as their hugely successful acting careers.

Dashing George Clooney has recently launched his own tequila called Casamigos with Cindy Crawford's husband and restaurateur Rande Gerber. The pair, who have been friends for 20 years, decided to develop a "warm, rich tequila whose taste we didn't have to cover up with salt or lime," said George.



Originally intended "to be shared with family and friends", the partners have given the tequila the ultimate personal touch, naming it after their summer homes in Mexico – Casamigos translates roughly to "house of friends". Things were certainly close when George even got into bed with Rande's wife for the advertisement.

Richard Gere has revealed two of his passions, Italy and wine, with news of his own line of Tuscan wines produced by Tenuta San Filippo di Montalcino. The initial collection will be a 2007 selected vintage – we would expect nothing less from the gorgeous actor who famously played millionaire Edward Lewis in Pretty Woman – will be called Bedford Post after his New York property.

He isn't the only one reaching into the wine world. Actress Drew Barrymore struck gold with her eponymous crispy and fresh-tasting Pinot Grigio, which won a medal at the largest international wine competition in France, Le Challenge International du Vin, last year.

The multi-talented star – who also produces and directs – said of her successful off-screen venture: "I love wine, and it's always fun when you can do something in your work life that you love in your personal life."

Another love affair with wine is being had by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. After doing a wine steward's course last year, Brad is practically an expert. Put his sommelier knowledge with his and Angelina's privately owned French wine country estate, Chateau Miraval, and you have their own wine label, Pink Floyd, which they will reportedly serve at their much-anticipated wedding.

But the nuptial-toasting wouldn't be the wine's debut. Last year the power couple took it to Spain's Famous Wine Festival, which invites the world to try celebrity labels.

Brand Beckham doesn't stop short of wine, either. David, who recently signed a contract with iconic French football club Paris Saint-Germain, bought his fashion designer wife Victoria a Napa Valley vineyard for her 34th birthday. The question is, when will they put the grapes to the test?

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