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5 healthy gluten-free desserts for a guilt-free sweet treat

choc mousse

According to statistics recently released, with more than one in three women dissatisfied with their body image, our self-image is at an all-time low. One person who who knows all too well about that struggle is Le Cordon Bleu chef Lisa Roukin, who, having been overweight as a child, went on to suffer from an eating disorder as a teen.Lisa worked hard to conquer her illness, and still managed to maintain her love of food. Now the 37-year-old, who has worked with some of the best-known chefs in the likes of celebrity favourites The Ivy and Le Caprice, shares the healthy recipes she lives by in her new cookbook called My Relationship with Food.


Of her own struggle with food and healthy eating, Lisa says: "Over the last few years, I can honestly say that My Relationship with Food is now where it should be." "These changes didn't happen overnight, it took time – but I got there and you can too. The food we eat has a huge impact on how we feel, both mentally and physically."

chocolate mousse recipe
Check out Lisa's recipes for raw tiramisu and Florentines to a chocolate mousse cake and sorbets

"The key to a balanced and happy life is about successfully managing relationships - with friends, family, the way we view life, the situations we come across and yes, even with our food," she continues. "We have choices in every moment of our lives and some of us may view our eating habits, our thinking around food and our diets as either negative or positive influences on our sense of self and our well-being."

Sorbet is the perfect light finish to a festive meal

With 100 wholesome and nutritious recipes divided into four sections – one for each season – the healthy eating tome is packed with

gluten-free recipes

that don't contain refined sugar or an overload of carbohydrates.Just in time for Christmas, Lisa has shared a range of perfect



HELLO! Online

, from

raw tiramisu



to mouthwatering


, to be tucked into over the festive period, without the guilt later.

Click here to view Lisa's desserts from My Relationship with Food


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