London bakery introduces UK's first croissant-muffin hybrid, 'the cruffin'

You've probably heard of the "cronut" – a croissant-doughnut hybrid created by Dominique Ansel back in 2013 for his New York City bakery that had foodies lining up around the block from before dawn. Now a London bakery has come up with another sugary fried treat that's set to be the next big pastry craze: the "cruffin" – a croissant mixed with a muffin.

The hybrid snack is the latest exciting addition to London's bakery scene and has been created by Foxcroft & Ginger, who will be launching their creation on 6 March.

Made with the artisan bakery's secret sourdough croissant mix, the cruffins are carefully hand-folded using the best French butter, making them crunchy and flaky on the outside and wonderfully soft and gooey on the inside.

What differentiates them from the typically French breakfast is the use of a muffin-shaped mould, as opposed to the traditional croissant mould, meaning the pastries are baked into a muffin shape. The final touch is a dusting with cinnamon sugar.

Plenty of space is left inside for fillings, with innovative flavours including a rich chocolate ganache, a house-made "Snickers" with nuts and caramel, custard, custard and raisin and custard and jam.

The sugary delights are priced from £2.70 each and are available from artisan bakery and cafes Foxcroft & Ginger, located in Soho and Whitechapel, plus Old Street Underground Station from April 2015.

Cruffins have already proved a huge hit Stateside – renowned San Francisco bakery Mr. Holmes Bakehouse delivers the trendy hybrid to fans every morning, and the pastries typically sell out within the hour.