Mary Berry reveals how to prepare a Victoria Sponge cake in just 5 minutes

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Mary Berry has revealed she no longer follows a traditional recipe when making a classic Victoria sponge cake, instead taking a shortcut that cuts preparation time down to just five minutes – and you're going to want to try it! The Britain's Best Home Cook star said that many people perceive baking to be more complex than it is, and you can actually whip up a tasty cake in less than an hour.

Writing for The Telegraph, Mary said: "I no longer prepare a Victoria sandwich with the traditional creaming and folding methods, as this all-in-one method gives excellent results every time. All that creaming of butter and sugar. I never seem to have the butter soft enough. And then the tins have to be lined and everything has to be just so."

Mary Berry has shared her method for making a quick Victoria Sponge cake

Rather than following the traditional method of creaming sugar and butter together, Mary uses baking spread, which she simply places in a large mixing bowl with sugar, eggs, flour and baking powder until it's smooth. This all-in-one method can take as little as five minutes, and Mary encouraged budding bakers to apply a similar method to other classic cakes and biscuits too.

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 "Cakes, tea breads and biscuits can all be made quickly and easily with the minimum of fuss and trouble. There is no need to bother with fancy tins or piping bags to produce an informal, yet professional, finish to all kinds of teatime specialities," she said, adding that the most important thing was to "have fun" during your time in the kitchen.

The 83-year-old admitted she has cut down on sweet treats

Mary has released a new book Fast Cakes: Easy Cakes in Minutes devoted to making baking easier, although she recently admitted to cutting down on sweet treats as she was gaining weight. She told The Sun: "I don't know about you but it all goes on my bottom and I don't want it there. It's not having a ­second helping of something like sticky toffee pudding. It's hard. Everything in moderation, a little bit of everything and lots of veg."

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