Lorraine Kelly's incredible daily diet: what the TV presenter eats in a day

The TV presenter loves her family's cooking!

Nichola Murphy

Lorraine Kelly has been open about the fact that she doesn't believe in diets and prefers to eat in moderation - but that could all change thanks to her family, who are all impressive cooks! She loves her husband Steve Smith's cooking, but she struggles with portion control when he makes dinner. Speaking on This Morning in 2019, Lorraine said: “I don’t think diets work. It’s all about portion control. My husband cooks for me and sometimes I ask, ‘How many people are coming round?’"

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WATCH: Lorraine Kelly enjoys emotional reunion with daughter Rosie

The Scottish TV presenter may now be honing her own culinary skills after her daughter Rosie vowed to teach her mum a thing or two in the kitchen. The mum and daughter duo recently had an emotional reunion after Rosie travelled from her home in Singapore to stay with her parents in the UK, and she told HELLO! how she plans to spend the next few weeks of lockdown. "I'm also going to teach mum to cook and bake and I've got her doing online yoga classes," she said. So what kind of foods will Lorraine be whipping up in the kitchen? We take a look...

What does Lorraine Kelly eat for breakfast?

During the workweek, Lorraine has very early starts so it's no surprise that she turns to quick and healthy meals for breakfast. Her go-to is porridge with honey, nuts, raisins or berries, but she treats herself to a more decadent meal over the weekend, courtesy of Steve! She told Asda Good Living: "Sunday breakfast is his ‘special’ – a tower of a potato scone with bacon and black pudding and a poached egg on top."


What does Lorraine Kelly eat for lunch?

Lorraine's daughter may not have much faith in her mother's cooking abilities, but we know the 60-year-old can make an impressive homemade soup. In 2019, she shared one of her favourite recipes to support Centrepoint’s The Big Broth campaign, a fundraising initiative to support homeless young people aged 16-25 across the UK. And the creamy celeriac soup looked delicious!

She has also revealed that she enjoys stir fry or a big salad, but whatever meal she chooses tends to be filling enough to satisfy her until dinner. She told This Morning that she limits the number of snacks she eats throughout the day in favour of healthy, balanced meals after struggling with her eating habits and yo-yo dieting as a teenager. "I have learned the hard way that daft diets will ultimately make you fat. I do tend to eat sensibly during the week but I certainly don’t exist on sticks of celery, because I’d be miserable," she told The Sun.


What does Lorraine Kelly eat for dinner?

It appears Lorraine has a soft spot for international cuisine, as she was pictured enjoying a delicious dinner while visiting Rosie in Singapore in 2018. Pictures show the mum-of-one tucking into a hearty Singaporean meal, with numerous noodle dishes and a fresh juice on the table. 


Lorraine also revealed she loves spicy dishes, so Indian and Thai food are also favourites in her household. "Steve makes a really good hot beef rendang," she told Asda Good Living. "Singapore chilli crab is another favourite," she said, before revealing she doesn't forget her Scottish heritage! While grilled fish and other fresh seafood are among her favourite foods, she is also partial to a classic British pub meal of fish and chips - and who can blame her? Plus the occasional glass of white wine, of course!

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