Royals who barbecue! When Prince William, Meghan Markle and Prince Phillip take to the grill

The regal set love flame-grilled food like us

Sophie Hamilton

Brits love a good old barbecue on a summer's afternoon – sausages, salad and plenty of vino with friends in the garden. There's something so relaxing about standing around a smoking fire chatting to mates whilst slowly cooking one's lunch or dinner. I don't know about you, but the first bbq of the summer is a BIG occasion in our house.

So this got us thinking at HELLO!... do the royal family enjoy barbecuing as much as we do? We can just imagine Prince Phillip and Charles as head grillers discussing the world's events as they turn over the chops.

Or perhaps – and we hope this is so – Her Majesty the Queen is rather nifty with the tongs and cooks a mean burger.

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We had a little scout through old photos of the royals and discovered that, yes, the prestigious family are rather partial to a barbecue just like us. Want to see the evidence? Take a look…


Prince Phillip


Prince Phillip inspects the barbeque on a royal engagement

The Queen's husband is a secret barbecue king! According to Balmoral's housekeeper Sheena Stuart, the royal couple like to host relaxed gatherings for friends and family at their Scottish home.

Sheena revealed on TV's Countryfile: "The Duke, he cooks, the Queen sets up the table. There are no staff that come out to serve."

The monarch's former chef Darren McGrady previously told Marie Claire of Phillip's love of cooking food on the barbecue. "Philip would cook out on the grill," he said.

"He'd come down to the kitchens and discuss what food we'd have: 'Do we have any salmon that any of the family have caught? The Queen's been picking strawberries with Princess Margaret, let's have those for dinner.'"

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Prince Harry


Prince Harry gets in the summer spirit for a charity BBQ

We're not surprised that down-to-earth Harry is a dab hand with the old barbecue tongs. At a charity BBQ at Kensington Palace a few years back, he helped grill the meat as he chatted to sports stars and their families.

We can just imagine the prince cooking supper on the outdoor grill at his Los Angeles home with wife Meghan and son Archie.


Duchess Meghan


Duchess Meghan shows how it's done!

We wonder if Meghan fights her husband Prince Harry for control of the barbecue? Yes, the Duchess knows how to grill and has previously shared a photo of herself on her now-terminated Instagram page cooking al fresco.

"Lunch of fish tacos and Albarino (a white wine) cooked in my backyard on my ceramic grill," wrote the royal.

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Prince Charles


Prince Charles attends a barbecue with wife Camilla

Sounds like William and Harry's childhoods were full of fun outdoors gatherings with their cousins, with dad Charles on the barbecue.

In According to Charles: The Misunderstood Prince, Sally Bedell Smith wrote how the boys spent their days "outdoors on the hills and by the rivers and lakes" and enjoyed barbecues and picnics.


Prince William


Prince William looks quite the barbecue pro

The Duke of Cambridge knows how to barbecue too! On day two of his visit to New Zealand, William donned an apron and did a spot of grilling with the country's then Prime Minister John Key.

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