Gordon Ramsay makes surprising revelation about cooking for his family

Gordon's weekly menu is just like ours…

Kate Thomas

He might have seven Michelin stars to his name, but chef Gordon Ramsay is just like every other dad at home. 

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Sure, he can rustle up any fancy meal at the drop of a hat, but the fiery-tempered star recently made a surprising revelation about his eating habits during the week.


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The Hell's Kitchen star – who raises children Tilly, Jack, Holly, Megan and Oscar with wife Tana Ramsay - surprised fans by admitting the dinner menu for his family is actually very simple.

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Speaking in a video for Google, Gordon, 53, spilled the beans about his culinary habits. Quizzed about his go-to meals at home, he said: "Weekends is always a roast. Monday to Friday, a lot of spaghetti." Us too, Gordon!

His breakfast is also a staple in most households – with the addition of one special ingredient.


The Kitchen Nightmares star cooks for his family (pictured: Oscar and Jack)

"The one thing I do enjoy every morning is the most amazing oatmeal... with caramelised bananas", he said. We'll be trying this immediately.

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But surely the Kitchen Nightmares star eats more experimental items too? Gordon's tastes are certainly adventurous, and the talented chef confessed there's one delicacy he definitely won't be trying again.

Warning – the following story isn't for the faint of heart!


Gordon cooks simple spaghetti and roast dinners every week

Asked what the weirdest thing he's ever Googled is, Gordon replied: "I have to say it was when I ate a beating cobra's heart and this thing made me feel sick.

"I could still feel it bouncing around in my tummy. I Googled the side effects of eating it ... two minutes later, I passed it out." We'll stick to the spaghetti, thanks.

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