Holly Willoughby's daily diet revealed – find out what she eats in a day

The This Morning star is a big fan of carbs

Kate Thomas

Holly Willoughby is known for her enviable figure, but it turns out the This Morning star never shies away from carbs! The 39-year-old TV star enjoys a healthy, balanced diet – and isn't afraid to treat herself.

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A keen chef, Holly is usually found rustling up delicious homecooked meals for her husband Dan Baldwin and their children, Harry, 11, Belle, nine, and Chester, five. She's also partial to a bowl of pasta and baked potatoes. Sign us up to Holly's diet any day!


Holly loves cooking for her family

Down-to-earth as ever, Holly was refreshingly honest when asked what she serves up for her three children. She previously told Asda Living magazine: "I want to fill them with goodness and make sure they don’t snack between meals. I like them to try new things, like crab and cockles.

"But I love a processed cheese slice myself, so I can’t be that militant about nutrition." A girl after our own heart.

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We've rounded up her ultimate meals below…

What does Holly Willoughby eat for breakfast?

The former Celebrity Juice star said in the interview that she kicks off her day with a balanced and nutritious breakfast to give her long-lasting energy. Her go-to meal is yogurt, granola and berries. Due to her early morning wake up call, we imagine the TV host washes it down with a very strong coffee!


The This Morning star's ultimate comfort food is a jacket potato - the cheesier, the better

What does Holly Willoughby eat for lunch?

The blonde is famed for her Sunday roasts with all the trimmings. The star has been known to share snaps of her homecooked meals on her Instragram account – and we're lusting after an invite.

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If she's on the go after her This Morning duties, the star favours the humble jacket potato. She told the Food Network her ultimate comfort food is "a baked potato with real butter, cheese, and beans. But which do you put on first? I think cheese then beans to get the cheese really melty."

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What does Holly Willoughby snack on? 

Holly is a fan of a healthy snack and favours carrots dipped in hummus, as well as fresh mango. But she also loves a chocolate bar as much as the rest of us! Back in March, hypnotist Paul McKenna tried to cure her of her "addiction" to chocolate by making her associate the taste with something she hates – tinned tuna. We can't see that working, somehow.


Holly loves to dine at sushi restaurant Nobu with Phillip Schofield

What does Holly Willoughby eat for dinner?

As soon as lockdown lifts, you'll find Holly dining at upmarket restaurant Nobu with close friend Phillip Schofield. Her favourite dish is the yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño.

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As for her go-to mid-week meal, the mother of three loves to whip up a simple and indulgent pasta dish – like a carbonara, mac 'n cheese or a Bolognese.


Holly loves a tipple - and her drink of choice is a low calorie vodka with soda water and lime

Holly is vocal about her love for a glass of wine so we imagine she's been treating herself with dinner – especially since she recently dished that she's had the worst hangover ever in lockdown!

The star also previously revealed her beverage of choice is a low calorie vodka with soda water and lime, a perfect health-conscious treat. Sign us up to Holly's regime!

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