Why the Queen's royal dinner tradition will continue at Balmoral Castle

The monarch moved to Balmoral in early August

Nichola Murphy

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh began their annual stay at Balmoral at the beginning of August, after isolating at Windsor Castle during the coronavirus pandemic. And while the royals may be enjoying a change of scenery, there are certain traditions that will continue during their summer break – including the very relatable way they eat dinner.

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While it is easy to believe that the monarch's personal meals reflect the grandness we see at state banquets, the Queen reportedly enjoys much more low-key dinners when she's not entertaining guests. Instead of using the dining room at Balmoral, the 94-year-old will likely continue to eat dinner in front of the TV!

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During Secrets Of The Royal Kitchen, royal biographer Lady Colin Campbell said: "She has her dinner off a tray looking at the television. She likes it. It’s homely and cosy and it’s comfortable." And her choice of entertainment may also shock you; Her Majesty supposedly enjoys The Bill, Midsomer Murders, Last Of The Summer Wine and Doctor Who


The Queen's menu likely includes chocolate, especially when Prince William visits

This cosy tradition was likely continued by the royals during the coronavirus lockdown – just like much of the nation! And with the Queen continuing to follow social distancing guidelines, we imagine most nights during her stay at Balmoral will look the same.

Although she is not likely to leave the confines of her Scottish residence – which is considered to be one of the Queen's favourite places on Earth – she will be visited by other members of the royal family. This means, on occasion, she may change her dinner routine or food choices to suit her guests. 

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The Queen and Prince Philip are staying in Balmoral for the summer

Former royal chef Darren McGrady previously revealed a red leather-bound book of menus, written in French, would be sent up to the Queen each week, containing a wide variety of recipes. "We prepared the menus three days ahead so we could get the food in," he said. "The chefs would pick the menus and she would put a line through the ones she didn't want. Darren continued: "It's like any mum with a son or grandson coming home. If Prince William was coming for tea it would be a chocolate biscuit cake. He loved those."

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