Where does Posh shop? Victoria Beckham's go-to supermarkets revealed

Spice up your trolley like Posh

Kate Thomas

With a combined net worth of around £700 million, you'd be forgiven for thinking Victoria and David Beckham have countless staff on hand to cater to their every need. But there's one thing the Spice Girls star likes to do that might surprise you – the weekly shop.

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Yep, Victoria is apparently a big fan of loading up on groceries for the week ahead to feed her family, including children Brooklyn, 21, Romeo, 18, Cruz, 15, and Harper, nine.

The designer previously told British VOGUE magazine: "I like going to the supermarket myself. I'm not saying I go all the time but then, you know, you're going to get exactly what you want."


Victoria Beckham loves nothing more than a trip to the shops

Where does Victoria do her shopping though - does she saunter down the aisles of Lidl or take advantage of Asda price drops? Unsurprisingly, Victoria's supermarkets of choice are a little Posh-er.

Victoria is a huge fan of upmarket stores Marks & Spencer and Waitrose. In 2014, Posh was seen carrying an M&S bag, minding her own business as she strolled along with her lunch.

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Before moving out to LA with her family, she said: "What I will miss is M&S. I missed it when I first moved to Madrid and it is the first shop I go to when I'm back." We don't blame her, Percy Pig sweets are a staple.

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Victoria also previously told VOGUE Paris about her weekly shop in Waitrose – and we'd love to have seen her in action.


Victoria revealed she used to shop at Waitrose with her kids 

She said: "It's always me who goes to Waitrose to do the weekly shop, Harper balancing on one hip, Brooklyn hanging on the trolley.

"I go down the aisles telling the kids, 'No, you can't have that', just like any other mother. People look at me in awe, but it doesn't bother me."

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In 2017, she was also spotted at Whole Foods in New York City, causing a fan frenzy as she loaded her trolley up with healthy – and very pricey – goods.


Fashion designer Victoria is still a down-to-earth mum

An eye-witness told MailOnline at the time that she had purchased smoked salmon, pre-packed salads, greens and some dips.

However, there are a few household chores Victoria wouldn’t be caught dead doing. "I don't ever do the washing up", she told VOGUE. That's what dishwashers are for, after all.

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