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Kelly Ripa eats pancakes for breakfast – healthy secret ingredient revealed

Dr. Daryl Gioffre spoke to HELLO! about helping transform the Live with Kelly and Ryan star's eating habits

Kelly Ripa eats pancakes for breakfast – healthy secret ingredient revealed

Kelly Ripa is renowned for her incredible figure and follows a strict diet and fitness plan to stay in shape.

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However, you will be pleased to hear, that just like everyone else, the Live with Kelly and Ryan star treats herself too, and particularly enjoys eating American pancakes at breakfast time.

What's more, Kelly's pancakes are a lot healthier than you think, thanks to a few changes to the usual recipe.

The TV host turned to Dr. Daryl Gioffre - who wrote Get Off Your Sugar to help her with her sugar cravings, and he told HELLO! how he helped alter her breakfast habits for the better by switching maple syrup for rhubarb compote.

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"Being healthy is not about deprivation, it's about balance, and that's exactly how Kelly lives," he explained.

"With that, she is always looking for ways to make any choice in regard to her diet and lifestyle, a better choice.

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"A perfect example of that is when she asked me for a healthier version of the classic American staple, pancakes and syrup.

kelly ripa diet secret pancakes breakfast© Photo: Getty Images

Kelly Ripa is a huge fan of pancakes for breakfast

"This dessert for breakfast is loaded with refined flour and sugary syrup, a recipe for inflammation and disaster.

"Instead, I created Kelly's pancakes with rhubarb compote, a healthier version that will strengthen your body in the morning, instead of stressing your body. Kelly always makes the foods she puts into her body a better version of that food, which in turn, is a better version of herself."

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Dr. Daryl also gave some tips for people wanting to kick their sugar cravings.

get off your sugar book

Kelly's go-to book - Get Off Your Sugar, $17.99, Barnes & Noble


"Drinking a daily green juice is at the core of a strength eating diet, and with its high mineral content, the fastest and most efficient way to crush your cravings, lower acidity and inflammation, and get off the stress eating roller coaster."

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Kelly, 50, wrote the foreword for Dr. Daryl's book and explained how he helped her understand her sugar cravings.

She wrote: "For years I had a candy drawer at home that I kept fully stocked and would dip into whenever I felt the faintest urge for sugar.

kelly ripa diet

The Live with Kelly and Ryan star has a sweet tooth

"I knew that sugar isn't good for you, but I figured that everybody needed to have some kind of vice, right? What was so bad about rewarding myself with something sweet?"

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She added: "What I didn't fully appreciate is just how addictive sugar truly is."

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