Amal Clooney's daily diet: the barrister's breakfast, lunch and dinner revealed

The barrister is super healthy

Sophie Hamilton

Amal Clooney really does seem to have it all: an incredible career as one of the world's top barristers, Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney for a husband and two gorgeous children, three-year-old twins Alexander and Ella.

The famous family lead a private life in the quaint Berkshire village of Sonning on the River Thames in England, often jetting off to George's holiday home on the banks of Lake Como in Italy.

Modelesque Amal can pretty much wear any outfit and always looks picture-perfect, so how does she maintain her amazing figure? Is she a good cook or is George a dab hand in the kitchen? Read on to find out…

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What does Amal Clooney eat for breakfast?

Is Amal a Weetabix and orange juice kind of girl, you may wonder? Well, no, it doesn't appear she is.

According to Heat magazine, the mum-of-two favours an extremely healthy breakfast of 'seaweed soup and sometimes a boiled egg'. 

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Amal is said to eat seaweed soup for breakfast

The magazine revealed how Amal apparently eats a 'Mediterranean fish diet' which sounds super healthy. Wonder if she ever has a cheat breakfast like Coco Pops or a fry up?


Amal is known for her stylish red carpet looks


What does Amal Clooney eat for lunch?

During a rare interview with Vogue at her home in Sonning, Amal gave fans an insight into her favourite lunches.

Writer Nathan Heller reported: "Clooney leads me to the kitchen, where her chef has laid out food. There is a salad, spaghetti with turkey meatballs, and chicken breast with lemon sauce. We help ourselves and take a seat at a small table nearby. Two baby chairs with trays hang from the ceiling, facing each other, Kentucky-style."

Amal's lunch choices sound delicious, combining healthy salad with pasta and protein. Oh, to have a seat at that table.

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Spaghetti and meatballs are a favourite in the Clooney house


What does Amal Clooney eat for dinner?

In an interview with People magazine, the Clooneys spoke about their home life alongside their personal chef, Viviana Frizzi, who hails from Lake Como and has worked as the Clooneys' full-time private chef since 2013.

She cooks up a weekly pizza night for the couple - their favourite is a margherita with rocket salad, says Viviana - but her repertoire also includes Lebanese and Indian dishes, sushi and Italian meals.


Amal is a fan of Lebanese food

"She can make anything, including handmade gnocchi with pesto that would make you cry," said George.

"Vivi cooks almost every night for us now because we have the twins. Going out isn't as easy or as interesting as it used to be. Besides all of our friends would rather eat her food than hit up a local restaurant in Como or in London."

George added: "Honestly, Amal and I are such poor chefs that any lesson from Vivi in the kitchen would be like teaching a whale to fly."


What snacks does Amal Clooney eat?


Popcorn is one of Amal's snacks of choice when at home

In the 2018 Vogue interview, Amal revealed some of her go-to snacks when at home.

Behind their pool house (one can only imagine...) is a home cinema room which has candy jars and a popcorn machine. Amal said: "This is totally George’s zone. He does editing here, and I come in and get snacks."

Amal, we'd be the same…


What does Amal Clooney drink?


Amal and George enjoyed tequila cocktails at their wedding

Amal boasts glossy hair and perfect skin so it's safe to assume she gets her recommended two litres of water per day. 

What we do know, however, is the Clooneys' favourite cocktail, which was served at their wedding reception in Venice. 

We have the recipe for the Goodnight Amigos drink, which features George and best man Rande Gerber's own Casamigos Reposado tequila. Yum!

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