Chicken wrap with salsa and guacamole

Use leftover chicken to create this delicious and nutritious wrap

Ingredients (Serves 1)

  • 1 large seeded tortilla wrap
  • 1 Tex Mex multi-pack containing guacamole, salsa and sour cream and chive dips
  • 50g/2oz cooked chicken breast, torn into pieces
  • 50g/2oz red and yellow peppers cut into sticks
  • 25g/1oz shredded little gem lettuce, rinsed

Lay the tortilla wrap on a clean work surface. Spread it with a couple of tablespoons of salsa, followed by two dollops of guacamole in the centre. Place the chicken, pepper sticks and shredded lettuce across the middle of the wrap in a strip, then top with around 2 tbsp sour cream and chive dip. With the chicken and salad lying horizontally to you, fold over the two vertical edges and start rolling the wrap away from you to enclose the filling.

Cut the wrap in half on the diagonal before serving. Once filled, it is best to serve the wrap within 3 hours, before it becomes soggy.