Risotto of Quinoa, with butternut squash, woodland mushrooms

Dish type: Starter
Serves 2


200g Washed Quinoa
150g Peeled & diced butternut squash
2 Finely diced banana shallots
100g Mixed wild mushrooms
50g Shaved Italian Parmesan
50g Grated Italian Parmesan
10 Sage leaves (Deep fried until crispy)
2 Pints of hot vegetable bouillon (Gluten free)
¼ Pint skimmed milk (Hot)
2 tablespoons of white truffle oil
80g unsalted butter
1 Small glass of white wine
2 Garlic cloves crushed
1g Fresh thyme leaves
Olive oil
Salt & pepper to taste


In a large earthenware pot heat the oil & 40g of the butter, soften the shallots, garlic & the thyme leaves.

Add the washed quinoa & coat in the oil & shallot mixture.

When coated add the glass of white wine & cook out the alcohol.

A little at a time add the hot milk & bouillon, stirring as to stop the risotto sticking.

In a separate pan sauté the sliced woodland mushrooms & set aside

Take the diced butternut & bake in an oven until ¾ cooked & set-aside until later.

Keep adding the bouillon/milk mixture to the quinoa tasting & testing as you go for seasoning & cooking

To finish the dish, delicately add the warm squash & the mushrooms to the risotto reserving a little squash & mushrooms for garnish.

Add the other 40g of butter the grated Parmesan & 1 tablespoon of truffle oil.

Spoon the risotto into a warm dish, garnish with a scattering of squash & mushrooms.

Finish with a drizzle of truffle oil, a little shaved Parmesan & the crisp seasoned sage leaves.