Pan seared corn fed chicken breast, Lancashire parched peas, tangled leeks & carrots
Dish type: Main Course
Serves 2


2 x 6/8oz Corn-fed chicken breasts (Skin on French trimmed)
150g Pigeon peas or parched peas (Soaked & blanched)
1 Bunch baby carrots
1 Bunch baby leeks

For the peas:

Soak the peas for 24 hours in water with a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda

Once soaked wash well & cover with stock & a splash of vinegar & simmer gently until just cooked

(Do not season with salt as this will make the skins tough, any seasoning can be done when warming the peas through)

For the sauce:

1 Finely diced banana shallot
Olive oil
1 Garlic cloves crushed
1g Fresh thyme leaves
100g chicken bones
1 Pints of hot chicken bouillon (Gluten free)
1 Small glass of red wine
1 tablespoon of Doves farm gluten free flour
A knob of unsalted butter
Salt & pepper to taste


In a pan sauté the chicken breast skin down until golden brown, season well & roast in a medium hot oven. Check regularly & once cooked remove from the oven & allow to rest somewhere warm prior to service.

Blanch the peeled baby carrots & the sliced lengthways baby leeks in salted water & once cooked refresh in cold water, set aside.

To make the sauce take the chicken bones, dust with the flour & bake in an oven until brown.

In a pan sauté the shallots, garlic & thyme deglaze with the red wine & add the scorched bones. Add the hot chicken stock & simmer. When ready pass through a fine sieve & set aside somewhere warm.

To complete the dish, gently warm the tangled carrots & leeks. Add a little hot chicken jus to the peas season & warm through.

To plate, take the carrots & leeks, place in the centre of the dish, thinly slice the rested chicken breast, place on top of the tangled vegetables.

Spoon the Lancashire parched peas into a little casserole dish, finish the chicken jus with a knob of butter, drizzle over the chicken, garnish with chervil & serve.