Lisa Allen's dark chocolate cylinder with hazelnut praline and salted milk ice cream

Dish type: Dessert

Great British Chef Lisa’s stunning chocolate with praline and ice cream dessert may take some effort but is well worth the end result


Chocolate cylinder
600g of 55% chocolate pistols

Chocolate mousse
140g of chocolate
30g of butter
60g of egg yolk
15g of caster sugar
100g of egg white
60g of icing sugar
50ml of cream

Sheep milk ice cream
500ml of sheep milk
250ml of whole milk
75ml of glucose syrup
75g of milk powder
2.5g of ice cream stabilizer, stab 2000
75g of caster sugar
5g of sea salt

Sugar pull
200g of fondant sugar
40ml of glucose syrup
Condensed milk caramel
400ml of condensed milk

Vanilla soaked sultanas
100ml of water
50g of caster sugar
1/2 vanilla pod, split and seeds removed
5ml of ice wine vinegar
60g of golden sultanas

Chocolate paint
62g of caster sugar
62ml of water
20g of cocoa powder
62g of double cream
Smoked nuts
30g of roasted hazelnuts
30g of roasted walnuts
30g of roasted pecans


1. For the chocolate cylinder, melt 400g of the chocolate pistols in a bain marie to 55°C. Stir in the remaining 200g of chocolate, work quickly to melt the beans but be careful not to incorporate any air. The chocolate should end up at around 33°C

2. Leave the chocolate in a cool dry place to cool to around 28°C. The chocolate will begin to set around the outside. Gently heat the chocolate back up to 31°C, stirring in the chocolate that has settled around the sides as you go. Once 31°C is reached, remove from the heat immediately

3. To make the cylinder, cut pieces of acetate, 18x 15cm and attach tape to one of the longer sides to hold it flush to the work surface. Spread the chocolate across the half of the acetate away from the tape and roll, securing with the tape at the other side - if necessary, drizzle a little more chocolate down the tube to seal the edge of the cylinder. Repeat for each cylinder

4. Allow to set in a cool dry place, preferably for 24 hours

5. For the chocolate mousse, melt the chocolate and butter and mix until fully incorporated. Whisk in the egg yolk and sugar until light in colour and double in size

6. Bring the cream to the boil and slowly pour over the chocolate and butter. Fold the yolk mixture into the chocolate. Whisk egg whites until soft peaks form, slowly adding the icing sugar. Fold into the chocolate mixture and refrigerate for at least 6 hours before use

7. Start the sheep milk ice cream by bringing both the milks to the boil. Whisk in the glucose, milk powder, stabilizer and sugar and simmer for a further 2 minutes. Combine well with a handheld blender and pass through a fine sieve, finishing with sea salt

8. When cool, place into pacojet container and freeze to -20°C. Once frozen, process in the pacojet once then a seconds time before serving. If you do not have a pacojet, you can use an ice cream machine

9. For the condensed milk caramel, place an unopened tin of condensed milk in a pan of boiling water and simmer for 4 hours. Check the pan occasionally to ensure it doesn’t boil dry

10. When cooked, leave the tin to cool completely before opening. Open the tin, empty the contents into a bowl and stir to ensure an even colour. Put into a piping bag ready for use

11. Start the smoked nuts by placing them onto a tray and into a smoker with hickory smoking tablets for 45 minutes. Once smoked cut the nuts into bite-size pieces. Set aside 10g of finely chopped nuts for the sugar pull

12. For the sugar pull, bring the sugar and glucose syrup to the boil and cook to 121°C. Stop the cooking by dipping the base of the pan into cold water, add the reserved finely chopped nuts and pour out onto a silicone mat

13. When cooled a little, pull sheets of sugar and form over a rolling pin or other cylindrical object. Dip your thumb into one end of the sugar pull to provide space to place the ice cream

14. For the sultanas, combine the water, sugar and vanilla pod in a small pan and boil for 3-4 minutes. Remove from the heat, add the ice wine vinegar and the yellow sultanas. Leave to cool and marinate for up to 36 hours

15. To make the chocolate paint, bring the sugar and water to the boil. Add the cocoa and whisk in well, pour into a small bowl over ice water to cool quickly. Once cool, whisk in the double cream, pour into a squeezy bottle and refrigerate

16. To assemble the cylinder pipe a little condensed milk caramel into the tube, try to get some running the full length. Pipe chocolate mousse into the tube, follow by adding some of the nuts and sultanas. Repeat the process until the tube is filled. Seal each end of the tube each with condensed caramel and refrigerate

17. Brush each plate with the chocolate paint, pipe a little condensed milk caramel to secure the cylinder. Unwrap the cylinder, be careful not to mark or get fingerprints on the surface of the chocolate. Dip the ends in the smoked nut dust, secure on the plate with the condensed milk caramel

18.Place the sugar pull over the cylinder. Finally position a quenelle of ice cream in the end of the sugar pull and serve

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