Team GB Porridge Recipe
Dish type: Breakfast

Nick Barnard of Rude Health created this recipe for the World Porridge Championships 2012. Celebrating the best of British produce, he said: "These are champion ingredients celebrated in a very simple bowl of food.”


2 portions of Scottish oatmeal

Generous pinch of Welsh sea salt

Good quality grated Cheddar cheese

2 rashers of English smoked and unsmoked bacon

Guernsey cream

Irish apple syrup to drizzle


1. Grate the cheddar

2. Chop the streaky bacon into small pieces

3. Make your oatmeal

4. Fry the bacon until crisp

5. Serve the porridge and onto the bowl, pour apple syrup, scatter the bacon and top with grated cheddar

6. Serve the cream in a little bowl on the side for an extra rich combination

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