Scandi Kitchen's five minute open sandwich canapés
Have a Nordic start to your evening with these three simple mini open sandwiches from Scandi Kitchen.

Smoked Salmon on sourdough bread with dill crème fraiche

Handy tip: use a 4-5 cm round or square cookie cutter for shaping.

Makes 8 canapés

2 large slices of fresh sourdough bread, lightly buttered
4-6 slices of thinly sliced good quality smoked salmon (we love Falkenbergs)
A good dollop of crème fraiche
Fresh sprigs of dill 2 cherry tomatoes, cut into quarters
A slice of lemon

Cut the bread into 8 equal sized pieces. We usually cut rounds using a 4 cm pastry cutter. Arrange a thin slice of salmon on the bread – try to make them all look uniform.
Mix a dollop of crème fraiche with some freshly chopped dill and a few drops of lemon juice and some freshly ground black pepper. Add about half a teaspoon to each canapé (you can also pipe the topping out to make it look neater).
Add a quarter of a cherry tomato at the side of the crème fraiche and decorate with a sprig of dill.

Västerbotten cheese crème on Finncrisp with Cloudberrry

Makes 8 canapés (you will have extra mixture so you can probably get more canapés if you wish)

4 Finncrisp sticks – we like the original 100% rye
50g Västerbotten cheese (or Pecorino if you cannot get Västerbotten)
1 tbsp crème fraiche
2 tbsp Philadelphia
Freshly ground pepper
3 tsp cloudberry jam
Finely chopped chives

Snap the Finncrisp sticks carefully in half to make 8 canapés.With a fork, mix the finely grated cheese with the crème fraiche and cream cheese. Add a bit of freshly ground pepper.

Pipe or spoon out about 1 1⁄2 heaped teaspoons of the mixture neatly to the crisp bread. Carefully add a small amount of the cloudberry jam and decorate with freshly cut chives. The crisp bread will go soft if made too far in advance – assemble just before serving.

Rare roast beef and ‘remoulade’ on dark rye bread

Makes 8 canapés

2 large slices (or 4 small) of dark, seeded rye bread (or pumpernickel)
8 very thinly sliced pieces of rare roast beef, cold
2 tablespoons of Danish ‘remoulade’ dressing (from speciality shops. If you cannot get hold of this you can make a quick version by mixing a tablespoon of piccalilli with a tablespoon of mayonnaise)
1 shallot onion
Sprigs of chervil

Lightly butter the rye bread and cut out 8 equal sized rounds or squares (We usually cut rounds using a pastry 4cm round cutter). Neatly arrange the roast beef so that it fits the bread – you may have to fold it and/or trim away any fatty bits from the edge – you only want the actual meat.

Arrange 1 level teaspoon remoulade on each canapé, then top with two thinly sliced onion rings and decorate with a sprig of chervil. Add freshly ground pepper and serve.
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