Dairy-free mango trifle

These looks great in angled glasses so you can see the different layers, or even use coffee cups and saucers and serve with a ratafias biscuit on the side with the teaspoon.

Serves 4
32 small ratafias biscuits or 8 sponge finger biscuits, broken into 4
100ml (4 fl oz) smoothie containing mango
Amaretto (optional)
1 fresh mango
2 x Alpro alternative to yogurt, Peach and Mango flavoured
25g (1oz ) toasted flaked almonds

1. Place ratafias biscuits in a shallow dish and pour over the smoothie (if using amaretto substitute 1 dessertspoon of smoothie and replace with amaretto), leave for 10 minutes, mixing biscuits around to soak up the liquid.

2. Take one side off the mango, plus the edges and dice, use the other side sliced for decoration.

3. Empty the Alpro soya Organic alternative to yogurt, Peach and Mango flavoured into a bowl and add the diced mango.

4. Place 4 ratafia biscuits in the base of each glass.

5. Spoon over half the yogurt and mango mix.

6. Repeat method 4 and divide any remaining smoothie between the glasses, top with remaining yogurt mixture. Leave to chill for 1 hour.

7. Serve with the sliced mango and toasted flaked almonds.