Dipna Anand's chicken tikka masala

Serves 4-5


For the marinade:

750g chicken breast, skinned and cubed
220g low-fat Greek yoghurt
2 tbsp ginger/garlic paste
1½ tbsp white vinegar
¼ tsp deep orange food colouring powder
6 tbsp vegetable oil
1½ tsp salt or to taste


2 tbsp fenugreek leaves, crushed using
the palm of your hands
1½ tsp red chilli powder
1½ tsp cumin powder


500g peeled plum tomatoes, blitzed to a paste
2 medium-sized onions
4 green finger chillies, finely chopped or made into a paste
1¼ tsp ginger/garlic paste
6 tbsp chopped fresh coriander
7 tbsp vegetable oil
35g unsalted butter
150ml water
1 tsp salt or to taste


For the marinade:

1. Pre-heat the oven to 180°C

2. Marinate the diced chicken with the ginger/garlic paste, salt and white vinegar and leave to one side

3. In a separate mixing bowl, whisk together the remaining marination ingredients. Start by whisking the oil and turmeric

4. Add the red chilli powder, cumin powder, food colouring and fenugreek to the bowl and mix well before adding the yoghurt to the spice mixture and once again combining the mixture thoroughly

5. Add your marinated chicken pieces to the yoghurt mixture and use your hands to evenly coat the chicken in the marinade

6. Cover the bowl with cling film and leave the chicken to marinate for about 30 minutes in the refrigerator. You may want to start making the sauce in the meantime. You may also leave to marinate the chicken overnight. This way the chicken absorbs all the flavours in the marinade better

7. Place the marinated chicken pieces onto an oven tray and roast in the oven at 180°C for 25 minutes

8. When the chicken is cooked, remove from the oven and leave to one side

For the sauce:

1. Cook the onions in the oil until golden brown and almost caramelised

2. Add the ginger/garlic paste and green chilli paste to the pan and sauté for one minute or so

3. Add the blended peeled plum tomatoes and cook for two minutes before adding turmeric, red chilli powder, salt and butter

4. Cook the spiced masala sauce for about 20 minutes on a medium heat (add water to the masala as and when needed as it may start to get a little dry)

5. When the masala begins to split and tear apart you will see the oil seep out the edges of the saucepan and will know it’s ready 6. When the masala is cooked, remove from the heat and leave to one side

Combining of chicken tikka and masala:

1. Add the roasted chicken tikka pieces to the masala and cook the masala with the chicken for 3-4 minutes

2. Add the garam masala to the chicken tikka masala and finish with fresh chopped coriander. Cook for a final 30 seconds

3. Serve and enjoy Britain’s favourite curry

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