Kentish rarebit by Kevin Love

Serves 4-6


1 small loaf of brioche
Saint Marcellin cheese
1 Braeburn apple
20g fresh apple juice
30g fructose
5g salt
1/2 head endive
1/2 granny smith apple
Apple blossom (optional)


1. Peel and core the apple and cut into thirds
2. Bring the apple juice and fructose to a boil
3. Add the apple and leave on a gentle heat for 2 hours or until the apple is very soft and slightly dark and the liquid is gone
4. Mash the apple with a fork and allow to cool
5. Cut the brioche into small triangles
6. Wash the endive and cut into very small dice using mainly the stalk
7. Wash the granny apple and cut into very small dice
8. Allow the cheese to come to room temperature
9. Preheat a grill before serving

To serve

1. Top the brioche triangle with some of the apple compote
2. Sprinkle with the endive and apple dice
3. On top of this put a thin slice of the cheese
4. Place under the grill to just melt the cheese
5. Sprinkle more endive and apple dice on the top and garnish with apple blossom

Kevin Love and Leffe, the premium Belgian abbey beer, recently collaborated to uncover the UK’s best gourmet bar snacks. All of Love's bar snacks created to launch the Leffe Gastro Bite Awards were designed to complement the character and flavours of Leffe, a beer which works perfectly with food. All recipes are available at