Find out how HelloFresh has taken the stress out of family cooking

Avoid mealtime mayhem and endless hours spent planning and food shopping, in association with HelloFresh


Here at HELLO! HQ we know how difficult sorting out dinner for a family can be. With all of the demands of everyday life – from work commitments to the kids' afterschool clubs to just wanting that little bit of downtime – sometimes working out what to feed the family, and then wandering down endless supermarket aisles hunting for every single ingredient, (and this is before you’ve even started cooking), can be so overwhelming and stressful. Trying to cook a simple, tasty and healthy meal that everybody can enjoy can seem like a mission impossible, easily leading to repeating that same signature dish of yours week-by-week… (after all, who can honestly say they haven't thrown some chicken nuggets and chips into the oven to feed the family at least once?!).

If this sounds all too familiar to you, then you need to let HelloFresh answer your meal-planning prayers! HelloFresh is an innovative recipe meal kit company that can save parents bags of time and energy by delivering easy-to-follow family recipes along with all the necessary ingredients in the exact quantities you need them, straight to your door! Where do we sign up?

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A review on the site reads: "I would like you know what pleasure I have had from the benefits of shopping with you. Family mealtimes that used to feel like a drag have been transformed. I am a mother/wife/full time student and my son is a fussy eater. Our mealtimes had turned into a battle ground with my son refusing to eat healthy food and me despairing that I was failing as a mother. So thank you very very much for going to the trouble to alleviate the challenges faced by modern day families who want to have the good life, but sometimes feel it is out of reach."

So why not allow HelloFresh to take on all of the hard work for you? Simply choose the recipes that suit your taste buds and cooking skills, and they’ll deliver the perfect amounts of beautiful, high quality ingredients along with the recipe straight to your home - making it simple for parents to plan and prepare easy, fuss-free and delicious meals that we can guarantee the whole family will enjoy and won't get bored of.


Each box is nutritionally balanced, with fresh ingredients including meat, fish and vegetarian options, so you can rest-assured you’ll be fuelling the family properly. And if your little one is a fussy eater, fear not! The recipes in the Family Box have been developed by HelloFresh’s very own Family Chef Andre, who is no stranger to fussy eaters with two little ones of his own at home! With this in mind, he made sure that some of the dishes have been tried and tested by parents and their children and have their authentic stamp of approval! Not to mention, this also means that parents can easily encourage their kids to fill up on some veggie goodness without them putting up a fight!

HelloFresh fan Jonathan Letham tweeted: "Our first week of meals was great! It's helped us get out of a rut from cooking the same meals repeatedly! #HelloFreshSnaps."

Since all of the ingredients are pre-measured, they are perfectly prepared for the recipes so all that's left is the fun part – the cooking and eating!

Most recipes take no longer than 30 minutes of hands on cooking time, which means a lot less time making dinner and a lot more time to enjoy your evening.

And perhaps most importantly, if washing up is on your little one's list of chores, they’ll be delighted to know that it takes mere minutes as most recipes require no more than three pots or pans! Which means, of course, that all that's left to do is gobble up your delicious, handmade dinner and spend all that extra time you saved together as a family. Sounds good to us! Click here to find your perfect box.

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