"I wanted a smell that reflected my English side, something very traditional," explains the designer
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The perfume's rose base notes reflect Stella's memories of the home created by her late mother Linda
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27 JUNE 2003
"The biggest inspiration for the perfume and my own personal goal was to create a perfume I would want to wear," announced Stella McCartney this week as she attended the New York launch of her new eponymously named fragrance.

"I wanted a smell that reflected my English side, something very traditional," she says. With this in mind she has selected rose essence as the perfume's top notes, a tribute also to her late beloved mother Linda, who always kept a vase of freshly cut roses in the family home. "It's just the smell I grew up with," recalls Stella.

The scent, which also combines seductive notes of amber, comes in a smoky plum coloured flask reminiscent of Lalique, of which Stella is a big fan, and is the third in of Yves Saint Laurent's new fragrance brands. Eschewing the traditional spray format in favour of a classic applicator, the 31-year-old explained: "It's much sexier than spraying. There is something dangerous about it."

There's nothing dangerous about the other upcoming products in her line, however. In line with the designer's well-known politically correct and environmentally friendly beliefs the body milk and body cleanser are 95 per cent natural as well as 15 per cent organic.

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