Tyra displays the $10-million angel wing-themed bra, encrusted with nearly 3,000 jewels and featuring a 70-carat diamond as its centrepiece
Photo: Rex
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In 2003 it was Heidi Klum's turn to don diamond undies as she modelled an $11-million creation studded with 2,800 gems
Photo: Alphapress.com

14 OCTOBER 2004

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It's hard to tell which is the more eye-catching subject in Tyra Banks' latest photo shoot the $10-million bra she's sporting or the supermodel herself.

Tyra certainly gives Victoria's Secret's Heavenly '70' Fantasy bra, encrusted with nearly 3,000 diamonds, a run for its money in the shot, which will be featured in the lingerie firm's famed Christmas catalogue. But there's no mistaking the glittering star of the show the angel wing-themed bra, set in 18-karat white gold and designed by jeweller Mouawad, counts a flawless 70-carat pear-shaped diamond as its centrepiece.

Though the 112-carat bra is not the most expensive ever Harry Winston created a $15-million version in 2000 it is Victoria's Secret's most labour-instensive design. More than 275 hours of handiwork went into the making of the bejewelled bust-lifter, inspired by the company's Angels Collection.

Victoria's Secret has unveiled a new one-of-a-kind diamond bra annually for nearly a decade, with Tyra, current host of America's Top Model, also launching a $3-million bra in 1997. Last year's showpiece, a $11-million creation studded with 2,800 diamonds was displayed by German beauty Heidi Klum.