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Part of Mundo Unico's widespread appeal are the strong, attractive colours
Photo: AFP

13 MAY 2005

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Colombian designers certainly know how to grab your attention. Liliana Fierro got Fashion Week of the Americas off to a cracking start in Miami with a citrus shocker female swimwear show, and then Mundo Unico happened.

This time it was the boys' turn to strut their stuff and fashion-followers in the front row wouldn't just have been sighing over the fabrics on display. Not that there was much fabric involved in the men's underwear creations clinging on just south of the six-packs that sashayed down the catwalk.

One of the big success stories to come out of Colombia's fashion industry in recent years, Mundo Unico is the brainchild of designer Nicolas Echeverri. Their big selling-points have been the introduction of Lycra and the elimination of seams in boxer shorts.

The brand's carefree use of attractive colours has also boosted its appeal, making for a win-win combination of comfort and sexiness.

Currently in its seventh edition, Fashion Week of the Americas, which offers a unique showcase for designers from North and South America, runs through Sunday.