Gisele's new fashion campaign shows her completely covered in body art
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A team of hi tech wizards worked for months to achieve the transformation

27 OCTOBER 2005

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Sporting a discreet tattoo on the ankle or shoulder has been popular among the fashion world's top models for quite some time, but Brazilian star Gisele Bundchen has now taken the craze to a whole new level by getting covered in body art from head to toe.

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Fans of the catwalk queen might be forgiven for feeling a little concerned at her decision to cover her flawless skin with colourful designs, but they can rest assured that the images are not permanent. Indeed Gisele didn't even have to spend too long in the make-up chair, as her "painted lady" look was achieved without a single brush or needle being applied.

A team of hi-tech wizards worked painstakingly for six months to superimpose the "tattoos" onto carefully filmed footage of the model. And the results, which are currently appearing on billboards all over Brazil, are being hailed as her most striking look to date. The television spots make an even bigger impression by showing the designs being magically applied by some unseen hand.

The 25-year-old beauty underwent the transformation for a new campaign promoting her Ipanema sandal range. And even though she's not about to go for the Hell's Angels look in real life, Gisele is no stranger to the needle as she has a real tattoo of a star on her wrist.

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