30 NOVEMBER 2005

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With one of the UK's favourite recording artists as her husband, it would be fair to say Heidi Klum has a taste for British music. It seems her fondness for rock and roll isn't limited to Seal, though, after she took to the stage at the Queen-inspired musical We Will Rock You.

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Heidi decided to join the cast for a boogie after watching the show's German premiere in Cologne. And the proud mum's new arrival, two-month-old Henry, was also given reason to shake a tail feather, after the performers presented his mother with a specially made souvenir baby-grow.

The catwalk queen has made a spectacular return to the limelight since little Henry made his debut on September 14. Her $25-million contract with Victoria's Secret required her to get back into shape straight away, but the 32-year-old admits she'd rather have spent a little more quality time with her baby boy. "It's challenging, it's hard," she explained. "I didn't really want to go back to work. I just wanted to stay at home. The weeks that I had off when I had Henry, that time just flew by."

Keeping up with the demands of her TV and modelling careers means there will be no respite in her hectic schedule until Christmas. The eyes of sports fans all over the world will be falling on her next week when she appears at the World Cup draw, and the new series of her hit show Project Runway is also set to air on TV screens across the pond. Asked how she manages to keep on track, the statuesque beauty didn't have to think twice. "I have a great husband," she says. "I have great help around me."

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Heidi shows off the new addition to little Henry's wardrobe. The mum-of-two admits she'd like to spend more time at home with her children
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The German supermodel cuts a rug with one of the We Will Rock You cast
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