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After fuelling speculation by wearing matching rings on several occasions, and their reported "commitment" ceremony in Thailand at the start of this year, 28-year-old singer Pete has finally confirmed the status of his and Kate's relationship, referring to her as his "fiancée" during a London show
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The Croydon-born supermodel, who was wearing an engagement band during the Wednesday night gig, accompanied her musician beau on a trip to a guitar shop in central London prior to their on-stage performance
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Pete pays on-stage tribute to his 'fiancée' Kate Moss

12 APRIL 2007

They've kept the world guessing about the status of their relationship for months, but it seems that this time wedding bells really are on the cards for Kate Moss and Pete Doherty. The Babyshambles frontman described his model girlfriend as his "fiancée" as he played a gig in London on Wednesday night.

Pete, who started dating the supermodel after they met at her 31st birthday party in January 2005, confirmed the engagement as he introduced his Kate-inspired track What Katy Did Next during the first performance of his two-night show, An Evening With Pete Doherty. "I am dedicating this song... to my fiancée," he told the crowd at London's Hackney Empire. Kate, wearing a ring on her engagement finger, then took to the stage to sing a few lines.

The fashion icon's on-stage duet with her beau follows their joint small-screen debut on video website YouTube, where a three-minute clip of the pair singing and engaging in light-hearted banter has received over 31,000 hits. Despite her growing interest in Pete's profession - she was spotted visiting a guitar shop with the 26-year-old musician prior to the gig on Wednesday - Kate insisted on that occasion, "Sonny and Cher we're not".

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