On a Jurassic Park-themed water ride the model seemed unphased by getting her hair soaked. Her young companion was taking no chances, though, wrapping the hood of her yellow waterproof poncho around her entire head and face
Photo: Rex
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In gales of laughter Kate, who's holidaying with her five-year-old daughter in LA, was clearly enjoying the attractions on offer
Photo: Rex

Fun before fashion as Kate and Lila live it up at LA theme park

8 APRIL 2008
Fashion icon Kate Moss may be known for her impeccable dress sense, but this week she's proved she's willing to make style sacrifices in the name of a good time. On a water ride at Universal Studios the cover girl donned a less-than-stylish canary yellow waterproof poncho to prevent herself from getting drenched.

After spending the weekend at nearby Disneyland, the fun-loving fashionista and her five-year-old daughter Lila Grace decided to check out the thrills on offer at Hollywood's Universal Studios on Monday. The pair, who live in St John's Wood in London, have been enjoying a holiday in sunny LA.

While little Lila had to sit the Jurassic Park-themed attraction out, her young pal joined Kate for the ride. And whereas the 34-year-old took 'whatever' approach to her hair getting soaked, her young companion was taking no such chances - wrapping her entire head in the waterproof hood.