Explaining his inspiration behind Ma Dame, Jean Paul says: "It's my type of woman at the same time fragile and strong, like a tomboy that is a little androgynous in attitude so, you know, she can cut her hair if she wants"
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Agyness Deyn the face of Jean Paul Gaultier's latest fragrance

7 JUNE 2008
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Designer Jean Paul Gaultier has launched his first fragrance in 15 years, and shown quite literally why he's always at the cutting edge of fashion.

Teaming up with the equally independent model Agyness Deyn, France's enfant terrible of clothing has abandoned traditional perfume images in favour of a quirky, modern look to promote Ma Dame.

Shot in black and white, the ad sees a besuited, long-haired Agyness attacking her clothes and her locks with a pair of sharp scissors. Then, the "true" face of the fragrance is revealed, wearing funky shorts and sporting her famous choppy blonde 'do.

The Rochdale beauty was chosen for the campaign after Jean Paul saw her opening his retrospective 30th anniversary show in 2006.

Strutting down the catwalk in a 1976 outfit - biker's jacket, tutu and tennis shoes he realised at once she was perfect for his new scent.

"She was ballerina and biker, so feminine and masculine," he explains. "It was a mix of my sensibility, and I knew she was completely the one to represent it."