The Canadian bombshell got on so famously with Vivienne Westwood when they met at London fashion week they decided to collaborate
Photo: © Juergen Teller
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Pamela, seen here with Vivienne and her husband Andreas Kronthaler, was photographed for the fashionista's latest campaign at the trailer park where she's living temporarily
Photo: © Juergen Teller

Pamela Anderson reveals the friendship behind Vivienne ads

Pamela Anderson hasn't renounced her Canadian citizenship. This is the former Baywatch beauty as styled by punk rock doyenne Vivienne Westwood after the pair struck up a friendship during London Fashion Week last September.

The British fashion maven was so taken with the charms of the curvaceous actress she invited her to star in a new ad campaign, featuring a series of eyecatching images, including one of Pamela wearing a deconstructed Union flag outfit.

Filled with the madcap spirit beloved of both women, the pictures were shot by Juergen Teller at the trailer park where Pamela has set up home while her house is refurbished.

Vivienne and her handsome husband Andreas Kronthaler appear alongside their new pal, posing in the picnic area, the launderette, and on the golf carts residents use to zip about.

Asked what makes their friendship tick, 41–year-old Pam told The Sunday Times: "Vivienne has this wildness about her. She does her own thing. But it's really about her mind. She's unique. She's one of my favourite people."

Equally complimentary, the designer cites the intelligence of her LA-based friend, with whom she exchanges books. "She's somebody I can talk to. I don’t have to draw her a map. She understands," says Vivienne.

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