The radiant smile on Sophie's face and a prominent piece of jewellery on her ring finger has led to talk that her jazz musician boyfriend Jamie has proposed. Onlookers told a British newspaper the model-turned-author was introducing him to friends as her fiancé
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At a fashionable London party Sophie had a new sparkler on display

Engagement buzz surrounds Sophie Dahl and Jamie Cullum

7 APRIL 2009
The sparkler on her ring finger at a fashionable London party appeared to give the game away. And although she has yet to confirm rumours of an engagement Sophie Dahl certainly looked blissfully happy with her boyfriend musician Jamie Cullum at last week's Gucci party.

According to onlookers, Sophie, a model-turned author who is the granddaughter of renowned children's writer Roald Dahl, was smilingly presenting the 29-year-old jazz sensation to friends as her fiancé.

In the past the duo - who met when they were asked to perform two songs together at a charity event in 2007 - have laughed off comments about the differences in height between them. She stands at 6ft, while her beau is 5ft 6in.

"What's lost," wrote the former catwalk queen in a magazine "is that we happen to be two people who met, fell madly in love and will probably produce fairly average-sized children, hopefully with his more elegant feet, not mine."

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