Naomi Campbell bonds with Turkish PM's wife over shared interest in charity work

Last month she was spotted chatting away to Sarah Brown at a health summit in LA, and this week Naomi Campbell had another meeting with a high profile leader's wife. The catwalk star visited the wife of Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara, Turkey; and judging by photos taken during their two-hour meeting the two ladies got on famously.

The model bonded with Emine Erdogan over their shared interest in charity work. Mum-of-four Emine told Naomi about the ad campaigns she's been involved in to encourage women and girls to stick with education.

In return Naomi, who has been lending her support to African relief projects and children's charities for over ten years, asked for advice about worthy causes she could help with the funds she's collected from her Fashion Relief project.

The request for a meeting – which was held at the prime minister's headquarters - came from the 39-year-old supermodel, who was in Turkey to attend a Formula One race in Istanbul on Sunday.

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