Becks revealed in all his glory in 25-foot-high billboard ad campaign

Fans may have been hoping to see David Beckham modelling Emporio Armani underwear in the person when it was announced he would be making an appearance to launch his new campaign for the label at Selfridges' Oxford Street store on Thursday. But they were treated to the next best thing – a 25-metre billboard image of the sports star. 

Covered up in a navy suit, Becks was supported by proud wife Victoria, his mother-in-law and mum Sandra as the new image was unveiled. Also there to see the covers stripped off were hundreds of excited fans and sports presenter Gaby Logan, who presided over the unveiling.

In order to give nothing away before the big moment, the giant billboard had been swathed in fabric. Then, to screams of delight from the largely female crowd, the sheet dropped slowly away to reveal the football star in all his buff glory.

What the ladies were treated to was a sight of the 34-year-old dad-of-three's famous tattoos, a dramatic, oiled side-parting hairdo, and impressive six pack.

While he doesn't mind being snapped for the campaigns, David admits to finding it "a little embarrassing" when they are unveiled. He relies on the support of Victoria – who also models Armani lingerie – to help him get through the launch phase.

"I make sure she is there because I trust her with everything," he says. "She helps me relax. Standing there in your underwear is not the easiest thing I've ever done!"

See David's campaign unveiled.