Naomi finds 'amor' with her 'wonderful' Russian lover on Spanish island hols

Blissed out as they gaze out over the tranquil waters of Formentera, Naomi and her boyfriend of year, Vladislav Doronin looked like the perfect match
 Photo: © PA

More than a year on and it's looking like the real thing between Naomi Campbell and her billionaire Russian love Vladislav Doronin.

Her head leaning tenderly on his shoulder, their hands clasped, the couple seemed more contented than ever in each other's company during an idyllic Spanish island break. The pair looked completely smitten as they shared romantic strolls and boat rides on Formentera, the neighbouring island to Ibiza.

They've barely been apart since meeting at the 2008 Cannes film festival, with 38-year-old Naomi spending increasingly longer periods of time at the property mogul's Moscow penthouse.

In fact, it may not be long before the cover girl makes a more permanent commitment to the handsome boyfriend she describes as "a wonderful man, a very special man".

"I think if I’d had a child before, it might not have been the right time," she's said. "I had a lot of things still to go through and I still have. I’m a work in progress. But at least I have no complaints with the man."

And why should she? Aside from being Russia's 221st richest person, according to figures released by Moscow-based Finans magazine, the 46-year-old businessman quite obviously adores her.

Their loving, stable relationship has also had a positive effect on her. Newspaper stories of her anger management issues are a thing of the past.

These have been replaced instead by headlines about her charity work together with her new friend Gordon Brown's wife Sarah and another unexpected connection in the form of Turkish leader's wife Emine Erdogan, with whom she bonded over their interest in girls' education on a recent visit to Istanbul.