Spot the difference? Karl Lagerfeld debuts 'summer wardrobe' in St Tropez

Summer holidays are a time to dress down and saunter round in your shorts and flip flops. Not if you're Karl Lagerfeld though.

On a break to Saint Tropez following his Paris haute couture show for Chanel, the German fashion Kaiser debuted his summer wardrobe - and the change from his winter one was very subtle indeed.

Maintaining his usual outfit - black blazer, white shirt, cravate and gloves - Karl simply swapped his tried-and-tested black trousers for some off-white jeans and Chanel trainers.

The Hamburg-born fashion icon was snapped in the upmarket French Riviera costal town this week with a group of handsome pals, one of whom who was wearing a 'Karl Who?' t-shirt.

After seeing the logo on a canvas bag Karl tracked down the designer, Nico Paris, and bought up her designs to sell in his Parisian boutique.

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