Seven years on: Geri Halliwell looks better than ever in 2002 Oscars dress

It's no mean feat to step out in the dress you wore seven years ago and look better in it than you did back then. But Geri Halliwell managed it.

It was back in 2002 that the former Spice Girl first wore the two-tone purple and blue vintage gown for the Oscars.

This week it got a second outing at a charity fashion show in London, and the inevitable comparisons had commentators in the press giving Geri's curvier appearance and long tumbling curls the thumbs up.

She's been frank about her struggles with eating disorders and worries about her weight during her pop heyday, but those days are long behind her.

"My self-esteem is no longer built into having a perfect body although I have the same hang-ups as many other women," she told HELLO! last year.

Of course, much has changed since 2002, when she checked into rehab to seek help for bulimia.

For one motherhood gives Geri great joy  – she welcomed daughter Bluebell three years ago – and then there is her blossoming romantic life.

The 37-year-old is blissfully happy with handsome financier Henry Beckwith, whom she has been dating since March.

Though the 29-year-old was absent from Geri's side at the event they have so far been inseparable, enjoying several holidays together.

They were snapped canoodling on a skiing trip in the French Alps resort of Courcheve, getting cosy on the Italian island of Sardinia and taking cruise in a private yacht around the Mediterranean.

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