Kelly Brook: back to modelling and looking better than ever

It's her first big modelling job since turning 30 at the end of last year. But if the amazing results are anything to go by, Kelly Brook doesn't have to worry about losing that fabulous figure any time soon.

If anything, the model, actress and TV presenter looks better than ever in her just-released video for underwear firm Ultimo's new spring collection.

"I'd say my face is thinner, my boobs droopier and my hips wider," the Kent-born beauty told HELLO! after she was announced as the new face of Ultimo last month.

"But I do think I look better now – everything has just relaxed a bit."

With Kelly's face alluringly obscured and a raunchy rock riff from AC/DC playing in the background, the video keeps things real as it cuts between shots of her perfect curves, which are clad in Ultimo's Coco Balcony bra and sports set.

"We wanted the shoot to look editorial and not like a catalogue shoot," said the star, who is currently dating British rugby hunk Danny Cipriani.

"We all wanted to do something sexier, edgier and lightly polished. You can really see me, not a cartoon version of me."


Kelly follows in the footsteps of Penny Lancaster, Rachel Hunter, Helena Christensen and former Spice Girl Melanie Brown as the new face and body of Ultimo.

"Kelly is a natural beauty and is effortlessly sexy, making her the perfect choice for Ultimo," said company founder Michelle Mone.

"This campaign is our most striking yet and represents the qualities of the new range; irresistibly sexy, luxurious, aspirational and feminine."

"The pictures really do speak for themselves."

The Ultimo spring collection is available from Debenhams and

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