The secret of Robert Pattinson's style success

When he first signed up to become Twilight's leading man, Robert Pattinson could never have imagined just how much of an impact he would have on the younger generation.

With a host of adoring fans the young Brit has become one of the most followed and desirable faces in Hollywood as well as the world of fashion. But what exactly is his style secret?

It's hard to pin down one particular 'Pattinson style'. The handsome 24-year-old is seen from day-to-day working a scruffy-chic, bedhead look that has awarded him the title of one of the most well-dressed men of the moment, according to leading fashion magazines.


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Where other actors might take pleasure in the finer details of their image, Robert exudes a studied nonchalance when it comes to his taste in clothes.

He rarely strays from American trucker hats, big sunglasses, jeans and sweatshirts - perfect for going unnoticed from the ever-waiting paparazzi.


When it comes to the red carpet it's another story. His choice of a 50's Teddy Boy style suit for the Twilight Saga: Eclipse premiere (pictured) was one particular stand out.

Generally opting for sharp tailored suits Robert often adds a rocker edge with a skinny tie or a casual loose fitting shirt to contrast with his blazer.

His use of contrasting colours has pushed the boundaries of red-carpet fashion and allowed him to emerge as a style icon of the modern generation.


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