'Baby Harper's so well behaved': Victoria Beckham on juggling motherhood and top fashion job


She had a to-do list that included nursing a newborn baby, breast feeding, losing her baby weight and putting together two entire collections that the fashion world was awaiting with baited breath.

But superwoman Victoria Beckham managed to pull it all off, unveiling a line on Sunday that garnered a collective nod of approval from some of the biggest critics in the industry.



She had had to leave her gorgeous daughter at home, concerned that the noise level would be excessive for two-month-old Harper.

"It's the first time we've been separated," she told the Daily Telegraph. "I just want her with me all the time. But it would have been too noisy for her at the show."

But the duo were reunited when, true to form, they celebrated the show's success with a shopping spree, visiting Balenciaga and Prada where Victoria browsed the luxurious clothes in towering platform boots.

The designer also revealed how she managed this year's hefty schedule.

"I've had to develop a very strategic way of working. But Harper has also done her bit. She's so well behaved," she said.

"She only wakes once a night," she added. "Listen, I've earned an easy one. Those boys - obviously I love them to bits - but they were hard work."

She spoke about shifting from the comfort of being at home with her family, skyping her design team in her pyjamas, to having to revert back to her trademark, perfectly groomed and glossy form.


"It's actually quite nice to get out of an elasticated waist and into fashionable clothes again," said the ever-stylish star, who managed to regain her pre-pregnancy weight by working out six days a week at celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson's studio in LA.

Marking a change in gear in the former Spice Girl's design career, the show was soundtracked by loud music and was held in a corridor with gilded ceilings in the palatial New York City Library.

And instead of her characteristic sleek, city chic looks, the collection's athletic vibe was created through racer necklines, white drop-waist tennis-style frocks and exposed zips that tracked the length of dresses.

Whether she was acknowledging the sporting world of her football-star husband David, or whether she had simply caught on to the new season's sporty microtrend, this was a powerful new vision from a woman who was previously wedded to high heels and red carpet glam.

Nevertheless, complementing the direction was her trademark polished, structured neutrals, which gave a glossy sheen to the overall proceedings.

Victoria sat in the front row and watched on proudly, standing up only at the end to give a bow.

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