Romance and vintage drama for the 'in-between' season

While close attention is paid to the extravagant, varied offerings of Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, ‘pre-fall’ – the season that bridges the gap between the two - can often be overlooked.

This is due in part to its more reserved nature – the collections are unveiled during low-key presentations on static models in favour of big budget, high octane catwalk shows. 

And they are also far more commerical, with the designers saving their show-stopping numbers for the runways of London, New York, Paris and Milan.



But pre-fall 2012, which is set to hit stores in May, has offered up some beautiful, ready-to-wear collections.

From romance and vintage drama at Burberry to menswear-inspired silhouettes at Michael Kors, click through to see our pick of the best 2012 collections from this in-between season.